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Policies and Forms
Please take a moment to review our official policies.

Credit Application
To download our credit application, please click here.  (File size 145 KB)

Pricing and Quotations
Steers Distribution offers all dealers every day competitive pricing on our full range of products.  All prices are subject to change without notice.

From time to time Steers Distribution may offer special pricing related to seasonal booking programs, trade show specials, or other sales promotion events.  In such cases, all pricing is subject to the specific terms, conditions and time frames of the promotion.  If the promotion has expired at the time another order is placed, our regular everyday prices will apply.

At other times, special pricing may be offered to a customer for reasons unrelated to seasonal booking programs, trade show specials, or other sales promotion events.  In such cases, it is the obligation of the customer to obtain a written quotation from Steers Distribution.  All written quotations are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of the quotation, unless otherwise specified on the quotation. Claims for price adjustments based upon verbal quotations will not be accepted.

All goods are shipped F.O.B. from point of shipping from Steers Distribution's distribution centre, meaning that the customer is responsible for the merchandise at the point the order leaves Steers Distribution's warehouse.

Shipping Costs Estimates
From time to time, customers may request Steers Distribution to provide an estimate of the shipping cost for a particular order.  In such cases, the estimate that Steers Distribution provides is an estimate only, and not a formal quotation.  In the event that the actual shipping cost varies from the estimate, either higher or lower, the customer will be responsible for the actual cost of shipping.

If the customer wishes a formal quotation of the shipping cost, Steers Distribution can provide a quotation in writing within 24 hours.

Special Orders
Special orders can not be cancelled by Steers Distribution after merchandise has been shipped from our supplier.  If we can not for any reason cancel a special order, the merchandise will be shipped to you upon arrival at Steers Distribution and you will be invoiced accordingly.

Product Shortages
Product shortages must be noted on the delivery receipt before it is signed, and reported to Steers Distribution at the time of delivery.  If not reported at the time of delivery, claims cannot be honoured.

Product Damages
All merchandise is carefully inspected and packed in an approved manner when leaving Steers Distribution's distribution centre.  The customer must inspect the merchandise before the delivery service leaves.  It is imperative that the customer notes any damages to the merchandise before signing the delivery receipt.  A signature without comments confirms that the order has been received in perfect condition; the shipment will be considered delivered without exception and the order complete.  Failure to complete an inspection will forfeit full/partial reimbursement.

The customer is responsible for the merchandise at the point the order leave Steers Distribution's warehouse.  If goods should be damaged in transit from Steers Distribution to the customer, the customer is responsible for filing a claim with the shipper and purchasing replacement product if needed.

Warranty Claims
If you need to make a warranty claim due to a product defect, please contact a Steers Distribution customer service representative to obtain the necessary form.

Product Return Policy
All product returns must be authorized in advance by Steers Distribution BEFORE we accept returned goods.  To request authorization to return a product, customers must complete a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request.  To view our full product return policy, please click here.
To download our RMA request form, please click here.  (File size 160KB)

Privacy Policy
Steers Distribution only collects information in an effort to facilitate our service to you.  We do not share, trade or sell your information to anyone outside of Steers Distribution Limited at any time for any reason.